Sales Terms

By uploading any assets to the site and registering as a seller, you automatically agree to the following terms.*

*Terms may be modified at any time by Evaluation Records. In case of changes, you will be notified via email.


The Vendor will provide digital assets to be sold by Evaluation Records. Assets’ name, audio samples and a complete product description will be provided by the
Vendor. Evaluation Records reserve the right to refuse or delete any product at any time. Evaluation Records will provide artwork if none is included by the Vendor.

Assets Copyright:

All of the assets are guaranteed to be free of copyrighted material by the
Vendor. Evaluation Records is not responsible for any breach of copyrighted material. Any account including copyrighted assets will be deleted without warning. In case of a copyright claim by a third party the claim will be passed on to the Vendor. Evaluation Records is not responsible for any breach of copyright or any other legal consequences.


The sale of licenses is between you, “The Vendor” and “The Buyer”. Evaluation Records provides the platform for artists to sell licenses to their products. Evaluation Records does not assume any responsibilities arising from the sales of any assets on its platform or affiliate sites. Evaluation Records reserve the right to limit or remove any types of licenses at any time for all products.

DMCA Takedown

Evaluation Records will honor takedown from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act if provided with written proof of copyright of the intended assets.


Evaluation Records is allowed to offer rebates of a maximum of 60% of the original price. This percentage will be applied to the gross sale amount received.

Promotional Units:

Evaluation Records is allowed to distribute free units of its catalog in a reasonable manner.

Sales shares:

The Vendor will receive 60% of the net sales income from any items uploaded.


The Vendor is required to have a completed profile with an artist name, complete address, phone number and at least one link to a social network or website in order to get paid. We also reserve the right to request a proof of ID before providing any payment.

Payments are made on a monthly basis. Amounts are paid within 45 days of invoicing by the Vendor.

On the first of every month Vendor can request payment for the previous month’s sales if the balance is at least 50$. Any amount under this threshold will be carried over to the next month.

Evaluation Records is not responsible for payment transfer fees occurring during payment processing.

Product Removal

Evaluation Records will remove products only upon request. We guarantee the products to be removed within 60 days of the request.

Account Termination:

The Vendor may terminate his/her account and any balance over 50$ will be paid out within 60 days after receiving the invoice.


In case of fraud Evaluation Records reserve the right to deduct the amounts returned by the credit card company from current balance at any time.